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We are delighted to work with one of the most amazing and creative client, Tropic. They fully embrace the theming and event experience.

This event theme focused gripping entertainment, with over 50 amazing performers on stage, talented dancers and extravagant carnival performers delighted the audience. The Pandora Events team hand-built photo props and a handprint wall for attendees to leave a colourful mark creating an everlasting art piece. The print wall is now displayed in the client’s head office with over 500 handprints and names. There was also a purpose-built float for the band!

Event example

Client name

Pandora Events work closely with the client to ensure their vision comes reality and the experience for their ambassadors is unforgettable. The Pandora Events onsite team of over 30 staff worked very closely with our AV and performance partners to ensure the show ran without a hitch. Behind the scenes the events team packed 2500 goody bags to collect at the end of the event.



500 hand prints

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