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This event has rock star status, with a complete stage and set change to embrace the theme. This event looked just like a Rock concert with a big catwalk for the band to dance up and down.  All the recognition winners had their moment on stage and felt like a star. Pandora Events planned the glittered filled event, starting with a true rock star arrival with Elton, Tina and Freddie lookalikes to mingle with the guests.

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We organised bespoke banners to keep the branding present, with a huge giant silver boot prop for photo opportunities. Glitter stations were spread throughout the event space to make sure everyone got involved! 200 tables had their own hand made glittered guitar to add more sparkle whilst a full 100% plant based menu was served to suit the clients requirements.

hand made guitars banner 2500x600.jpg


200 handmade guitars.

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