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Due to take place on 14th March 2020, the build of the event started 3 days earlier on Wednesday 11th March. The stage and set were in place, the carpet being laid, catering being prepared and the hotel bookings of bedrooms ready for use. Covid 19 was starting to take effect and the government made an announcement on the Thursday, leaving the client in turmoil as to what to do. After a meeting and a sleepless night they made the decision to change the event from 2500 people attending to a virtual event on the Friday morning. Pandora Events and partners swept into action to make this happen whilst also dealing with the hundreds of calls to cancel accommodation for those attending.

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All teams adapted and worked with the client to deliver their event as close to the live show as possible virtually. The dance performances were recorded and shown to audiences on their TV screens at home. An enormous hand built circular stage was built on site with largest glitterball in the UK that was the centre price for the event became the backdrop for the virtual stream. The stream saw disco dancers, an energetic sparkly band, roller skating and eye catching pyrotechnics for the viewers back home. Over 10,000 people joined the virtual stream and were able to see what a fantastic show the client had planned along with the launch of a new product range. The food meant for the event was sent to local charities and homeless shelters, as we all could not see it go to waste.  Who knew this would be the way events would be delivered for the 6-12 months!



Live steaming to over 10,000 people

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