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January 2024

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales

United Kingdom

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Headliner, one or two sentence long.

Description on the event, outline things, why you were there blah blah, video next to wording will support.

16 Locations across the United Kingdom.

Over three weeks we provided set up, sign in, event management and de-rig before moving to the next location.

Event example

Client name

More blurb on the event and rounding off everything followed by gallery below. This is outline of the event but can go into more detail when needed. This will be supported with photos and videos where possible. 

Some will have more detail such as Glammies and Euro Tour others will be shorter like ESO and BTB. If more room is needed this can be broken up. Remember photos and video plus figures will support including 2 other similar events and also the service page if needed.

Similar events to the Roadshow.

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Maranello Tour


Redline 247 European Tour

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